Maleteknisk Rådgivning ApS


In Coating Consultancy, we make inspections e.g. of facades and timber windows and write painting specifications for maintenance and new work. We determine the generic type of old paint layers and check them for possible content of Lithopone and Lead.  We recommend how the painters should proceed and how they can check the work themselves. If requested we can make occasional controls too, e.g. of paint film thickness. We perform the final control of paint film thickness, adhesion and of visual appearance (finish). We got the experience and the equipment to analyze any damage occurring and can suggest amending actions.  Damage analysis often is an important step when repair costs shall be allocated

Adhesion test according to ISO 2409 (left) and measurement of paint film thickness acc. to ISO 2808 Meth. 6A

Analysis and measurements

Colour measurement acc. to ISO 7724 (left) and det. of scratch resistance acc. to ISO 22557
Micro FTIR-ART analysis (left) and asbestos analysis in SEM