Coating Consultancy

Independant consultants  specialising in coatings and various types
of surface treatment

Expert witness experience, Training courses, Publications

Lisbet Jensen and Peter Svane of Coating Consultancy act as expert witnesses in Danish civil courts
and at the Danish Court of Arbitration. Peter also serves as technical judge at the
Danish Court of Arbitration for Building and Construction.

Lisbet Jensen is a member of the editorial board for the publication ”Viden om Byggeri”
(”Knowledge on construction”) and of the Professional Danish Painters Association’s committee
on coating specificatons (“MBA-committee”).

Peter Svane is editor of the technical magazine ”Industriel Overfladebehandling” (Industrial Surface Coating”). He is a member of UK Paint Research Associations conference steering committee
for the International Woodcoatings Congress, of the national standardisation committee for paint
and varnishes S-305, and is Convenor for the European standardisaton group CEN/TC 139/WG2
– Coatings for Exterior Wood.

Coating Consultancy have been managing several EU-funded research projects over the years,
and many national publicly or industrially funded projects. Currently (2007) we are engaged
in a major project on corrosion protection on large steel towers for wind generators.

Coating Consultancy can provide training courses tailored to suit customer requirements.
For example we have recently developed a training course for paint factory technicians
on measurement and interpretation of water vapour diffusion resistance.

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