Coating Consultancy

Independant consultants specialising in coatings and various types
of surface treatment

Specifications, Quality Control, Failure analysis


Process control

Final control


Concentrate on
the upper
– avoid
the bottom

Coating Consultancy provides specifications e.g. for painting of facades and timber windows based on an investigation of their actual condition

We identify old paint layers and carry out chemical analysis to determine contents of lead, chromium and other elements

Professional painters may to a large extent monitor their own work. We give guidance on how to do so more effectively, and often monitor the work including checks on paint film thickness

We perform final control of painting programmes checking finish, paint film thickness, adhesion etc.

We have the equipment and the experience to establish the causes of paint failures, and to recommend appropriate remedial measures. The unequivocal establishment of the cause of coating failure is essential to resolving questions of liability and financing.

Equipment for on-site measurement of colour, adhesion and paint film thickness

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